Commercial Office Market

The office market with its many variations and applications is a natural fit for the Oasis suite of products; we already have a lucrative pipeline with many parties keen to proceed and place orders. This market also presents opportunities with the likes of Construction and Fit Out companies in addition to the end user market.
Companies who engage ‘agile working practices’, have at the heart of their business, the belief that they should provide a suitable working environment for their staff wherever they work, rather than just simply seeing the trend towards flexible working as a means to cutting costs.

The concept of modular buildings is by no means new; however, in its search for innovation and excellence the construction industry and market is going through radical transformation, and it is precisely around the concept of ‘modular construction in the built environment’ where the majority of innovation is being driven.
The Oasis is an ideal product to be installed into modular buildings of all shapes and sizes.

POD One of the key innovations and changes in sustainability over the last few years has been the increasing need to consider building users and how the built environment affects their 'Wellness'. With the release of the Certification Guidebook and updates to the information on the Well Building Standard, more organisations are considering how this can be suitable for their projects and people.
The WELL Building Standard® is a performance-based system for measuring, certifying, and monitoring features of the built environment that impact human health and wellbeing and include seven key categories as depicted in the adjacent graphic; these are measured in the overall assessment. It is based on a significant amount of research on how developments can help create a Built Environment that improves the nutrition, fitness, mood and sleep patterns of building users and groups.
The first key category in the Wellness Scorecard is Air, needless to say, the Oasis unit achieves the highest rating in this category due to its innovative construction, use of materials and the fact that the product uses electronics, as opposed to 'gases', to cool the surrounding air.
We therefore predict that the Oasis suite of products will hit the Commercial Property market by storm; as companies become more agile and Sustainability Aware, they will look for alternative “personal cooling” solutions which are both cost efficient and innovative. Indeed, we are already talking to a number of Construction companies in the UK who are keen to include the Oasis, in its current form, in new building design features