Introducing the Oasis Personal Cooling System

POD The concept of personal cooling has been around for a long time and several different product types and designs have been launched, most sit on the desk in the form of a cube and blow water-saturated air onto the person and the desk (this is known as Evaporated cooling).
Others sit on the floor using a small refrigeration system which is very noisy and generally requires an ‘elephant’s trunk’ or flexible hose put through a window to extrude the hot air.
Oasis is completely different than traditional air conditioning and evaporated cooling systems, as it uses an electronic function to remove heat from air passing over it; thus, reducing the temperature of that air by up to 9˚C. Generated heat is released to the atmosphere where it rises and dissipates. It’s worth noting, it only generates a very small amount of heat which has a negligible effect on the temperature of the surrounding air.
The Oasis is small in size and has just one moving part, which is the fan. Its small size is due to the small electronic components used, which have a lifespan of more than 29 years.
So the Oasis is a perfect product for producing small amounts of cooling or heating, which is relatively cheap to manufacture and can be scaled up or down. It can be future-proofed by using different materials and has a large number of varying applications, with an “impulse unit” that can be adapted to fit into many environments.
Indeed, we have the capability to provide a unique offering to any company for each product application, thereby creating design exclusivity for each client.

Within an open plan office with sixteen people sat at individual desks with the principle of individual cooling applied, each person has their own personal cooling system, located above them. Workers use an App to adjust the temperature, effectively creating their own temperature-controlled Oasis for their own workspace. With the use of proximity sensors we are able to switch the systems on and off thereby ensuring optimum usage when the desk or personal space is in use. An added innovation and product enhancement is to incorporate the system in a LED lighting array with a combined movement sensor; clearly this application dramatically reduces the carbon footprint.
The Oasis consists of two parts, namely the transformer and the Oasis unit. The transformer connects to a mains supply which provides an output, in the form of 24v DC to the Oasis; it can also be powered via a battery through photovoltaic generated electricity.
The Oasis itself has no mains voltage present and is therefore a low voltage piece of equipment which is generally classed as a “safe voltage”. It is noteworthy that should we export the Oasis, then customers would have the option to provide their own transformer which could be sourced locally – thus complying with any local rules or regulations.

Comparison to Traditional AC System

Traditional AC

  • Find suitable site for an outdoor chiller unit.
  • Apply for planning permission.
  • Arrange for a 3 phase electrical supply to be installed to the site of the outdoor unit.
  • Arrange for crane to lift outdoor unit in to position
  • Determine copper pipes route and arrange for a cherry picker.
  • Arrange for office staff to be re located for the duration of the installation or pay for out of hours working.
  • Remove suspended ceiling.
  • Install separate electrical supplies to the ceiling cassettes.
  • Fit cassettes and pipework to the slab above.
  • Charge the system with refrigerant gas and test making sure it cools the whole of the office.


  • Install 1 amp of electrical supply to each Oasis location.
  • Hang the Oasis unit from the slab above (4 screws each).
  • Fit a 60mm nozzle through the ceiling tile to each Oasis.
  • Download app to a mobile phone and pair the phone to the Oasis.
  • Turn on Oasis and adjust to suit.