We are at the forefront of technological advancement and innovation; utilising environment sensing for performance optimisation, IoT compatibility, mobile phone (App) control, developed by our internal R&D team in collaboration with industry leading organisations.


The Oasis is small and has just one moving part, which is the fan. Its small size is due to the small electronic components used, which have a lifespan of over 29 years. With no maintenance requirements or cost the Oasistm is the most sustainable product of its type on the market.


The flexibility of the Oasis Air Cooling System means that we can adapt the shape and size of the unit to fit most spaces thereby ensuring our R&D team can develop the product suite and enter into new and emerging markets through the Bespoke Developments workstream.

PACE Innovations Limited have developed one of the most exciting and innovative products to hit the Personal Cooling market in decades; we at PACE feel the Oasis Air Cooling Unit (Oasis) achieves excellence in several areas, including being environmentally friendly and economically cost efficient. In fact, the benefits of the product can be realised across numerous markets and sectors and it can be adapted in size and shape to overcome a plethora of confined space issues.

The product was initially invented and developed to focus on “cooling the person” and to reduce the carbon footprint in a commercial office environment, however during production it became evident that the use of Oasis spans all environments and sectors in some way shape or form – a truly unique position to be in.

Collaborations which are currently being cemented with industry leading advisors and partners will prove key to the overall success and sustained profitable growth of the business; and with the aid of these complementing and trusted relationships we intend to continually improve and add to our suite of products to develop and maintain market share.
The requirement for Oasis has recently become even more apparent with the effects of heat-waves experienced in the UK and other regions throughout the world, affecting both residential and commercial mind-sets and markets – ask yourself; have you, your partner or a colleague found it difficult to sleep lately or does the air conditioning work in that small meeting room?

As space throughout the built environment becomes more intelligent and our use of the space more flexible, following the parameters laid out in the “Well Building” concepts of the future, there is an increasing and fundamental need to concentrate on the air that we breathe. Traditional air conditioning requires dangerous gases to cool the environment (not the person) and needs periodic and expensive maintenance over the whole life of the product – in comparison the Oasis needs no gas or chemical and requires no expensive maintenance to be carried out.